Traveling With Your Pet: Tips For The Trips

Traveling With Your Pet:

Tips For The Trips

With the holidays among us, we know you might be traveling to visit loved ones. While boarding facilities like our friends at Franklin Kennels and in-home pet-sitters are wonderful options for out-of-town travel, sometimes bringing your furry child along for the ride can make all the difference in getting the family together! Below are some tips for a fun (and safe) trip with your pet:

  • ·        Make sure your pet is microchipped before you leave and is wearing proper forms of identification on the collar! Life happens and losing your pet during an unfortunate incident would be heartbreaking.
  • ·        Bring your pets daily routine with!

o   Blankets and bedding that smell of home can assist in making your pet feel within the norm.

o   A favorite toy or two along for the trip is a great idea.

o   If you pet is crate trained, it is ideal to bring that along, and safer for car rides. For cats who will be traveling in a crate, it is recommended to leave the crate out in the house so your cat can freely go in and out. This way, you cat will not associate the crate with just stressful situations.

o   Don’t forget the food and treats you regularly feed; sometimes stress and quick introductions of new food can irritate a pets stomach and potentially cause diarrhea.

o   If your pet takes medications make sure those are packed, as well.

  • ·        Some pets simply don’t handle the stress of car rides and air travel. We have seen it can make them nauseous and drool or shake with distress. If this is the case, you can speak with one of our veterinarians about possibly introducing a mild sedative for use during these specific times. The goal is to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable.
  • ·        If driving, make plenty of stops! Pets need potty breaks, too. :)
  • ·        Plan ahead! Inform your family and friends that your fur child will be joining so they can make proper arrangements. If staying in a hotel or campground, double check that it is pet-friendly.
  • ·        Traveling via an airline? Contact your airline for specific pet regulations and restrictions. For your convenience, we found a site that has compiled airlines’ general pet regulations:
  • ·        Flight travel will require a Health Certificate from one of our doctors. This certificate states that your pet is healthy enough for air travel and not harboring any diseases to be spread. Call us at 615-794-7113 and schedule an appointment for this visit. Things to prepare for a health certificate visit:

o   Typically, this certificate needs to be completed within 10 days prior to your travel. International travel varies by country. For specifics, you can visit

o   If your pet is up-to-date with the Rabies vaccine, yet it was administered elsewhere, you will need to bring the proof of vaccination with you. If it can’t be located, we’d be happy to re-vaccinate the day of the visit.

o   Your destination address will be needed for the certificate.  

  • ·        Lastly, enjoy your time! If your pet stresses greatly during travel, or is perhaps ill or injured, staying at home or with a boarding facility might be the best option for your pet. Our friends at Franklin Kennels would be happy to meet your loved pets!


Happy Holidays y’all, and safe travels!