Dr. Donnie Headrick

Dr. Donnie Headrick was raised on a small farm in Leoma, Tennessee. From a very early age, he decided that he wanted to be a veterinarian. Dr. Headrick is forever grateful that he had parents who encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Without their support, college would have been impossible.

After attending the University of Tennessee for three years for his pre-vet curriculum, Dr. Headrick applied to Auburn University for admission to the school of veterinary medicine. Since Tennessee did not have a veterinary school at that time, he was one of many applicants vying for fifteen slots allotted to Tennessee for their quota in a class of one hundred. He felt very fortunate to be admitted to the Class of 1972 at Auburn University. 

Dr. Headrick met his wife, Patricia, his junior year of veterinary school, and they were married in 1971, six months before graduating. Dr Headrick lovingly states, “I have been blessed with three sons and four grandchildren. I value my precious wife and family very much."

Practicing veterinary medicine now for forty years has truly been a blessing. Dr. Headrick enjoys having the privilege of caring for animals and getting to know and interact with their caretakers.

Dr. Headrick is thankful to be surrounded by the compassionate, caring staff of Williamson County Animal Hospital. Not only does he have wonderful veterinarians, but he also has a staff with the same agenda and that is to provide the very best care for your pets.  For Dr. Headrick “it is a blessing to have a little part in that endeavor."