Ashley r.

A very active member of the Franklin, TN community, Ashley has decided her true calling is helping animals in need. In 2007 Ashley graduated from MTSU with a bachelors of science in mass communications and then spent her working days in an array of management positions in local businesses around Williamson County.

She joined our team in 2015 and is happy to be working with animals and their people!

Ashley graduated from Columbia State Community College with her veterinary technology certification, and has since turned her passion for volunteering with dog organizations throughout the area into a career. If she is not working at our local Williamson County Animal Center, she is helping us out on the weekends.

Along with her hubby at home, Ashley is a proud parent of four very special mutts, one ferret, and one Tangerian Honduran Milksnake. Her parents and in-laws all live in Williamson County and she is very happy that this is her home, too! She is truly grateful to be able to learn new and incredible skills every day with the WCAH family and she is happy to pursue her calling here with us! On top of that, Ashley is very appreciative of all the client connections she is able to make on a daily basis.