Trixie and her brother, Norton, were born 12/4/2005.

They're Schnoodles..half miniature schnauzer/half poodle.

We drove to Charlotte, TN to pick them up on 1/17/2006. This was the birthday of our previous dog, Otto, that we said goodbye to two years prior and a sign to us that this was the right thing to do and the right puppies for us! 

Trixie was the only female and runt of the litter, but spunky and knew how to handle the boys! When we got into the car with both puppies to take them to their new home in Franklin, it began to snow. What a great memory! Over the years they've brought us unspeakable joy and unconditional love. They've been the best of friends and inseparable.

Trixie loved watermelon, chasing birds, bunnies and squirrels, riding to the lake, puppy cookies, sunbathing, running the backyard with her brother, family and friends, and her life-long groomer at Franklin Kennels...Ms. Candi! She was especially fond of her Grand-Ma-Ma that passed on some years ago.

Trixie was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in July of 2018 and had developed an oral tumor that made it difficult for her to swallow. She underwent surgery. That bought us some additional quality time with her. The surgery wasn't radical, so we knew the tumor would return....and it did.

When Trixie was about four years old, she was poisoned by a tainted rawhide chew bone. Dr. Donnie Headrick at Williamson County Animal Hospital worked with her for a week and she pulled through. All these years later, it was Dr. Headrick and the team at Williamson County that came through for Trixie and for us yet again.


Trixie got her wings at home on 11/6/2018. Her brother, Norton, was nearby. It was a beautiful, peaceful, sunny day. Dr. Headrick and Tara were here for us. Yesterday, we received the most beautiful card from Becca, Tara and Dr. Headrick, along with Trixie's paw print. It was the most touching and kind gesture. We plan to frame the print along with a collage of photos and keep it always.

We're so grateful for the teams at Williamson County Animal Hospital and Franklin Kennels. The care they provide, their good works and genuinely caring hearts impact many lives. Thank you for being there for us for almost twenty years now. We know you're ready to retire, Dr. Headrick, but we're not ready yet!

In appreciation,

The Ferris Family

Trixie December 2005-November 2018