Seventeen years ago our sweet Evee found us!

The tornado had just gone through Franklin the week before. Our son was going to grade school at Poplar Grove and his teacher had a claw foot tub in the classroom. Evee found her way into the school and had spent sometime there in the pillow lined claw foot tub. When all the children arrived at school that morning she was so scared! She ran out into the hall not knowing where to go. The teacher thought she was a rat! She was so small and skinny! After catching her we realized she had gotten lost during the tornado. No one claimed her after trying to find out where she belonged. So she became ours! How lucky were we!

We miss her more than words can express. Tears flow frequently at just a thought of her sweet face. There will never be another like her. So happy we had the opportunity to love you Evee!

We can't thank Williamson County Animal Hospital, Dr. Jackie Jones and the staff for all they did for us and Evee. Their commitment and concern for Evee's care was exceptional. Their continued care and concern for us is appreciated.

Evee Riffel 2002-May 2019





Trixie and her brother, Norton, were born 12/4/2005.

They're Schnoodles..half miniature schnauzer/half poodle.

We drove to Charlotte, TN to pick them up on 1/17/2006. This was the birthday of our previous dog, Otto, that we said goodbye to two years prior and a sign to us that this was the right thing to do and the right puppies for us! 

Trixie was the only female and runt of the litter, but spunky and knew how to handle the boys! When we got into the car with both puppies to take them to their new home in Franklin, it began to snow. What a great memory! Over the years they've brought us unspeakable joy and unconditional love. They've been the best of friends and inseparable.

Trixie loved watermelon, chasing birds, bunnies and squirrels, riding to the lake, puppy cookies, sunbathing, running the backyard with her brother, family and friends, and her life-long groomer at Franklin Kennels...Ms. Candi! She was especially fond of her Grand-Ma-Ma that passed on some years ago.

Trixie was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in July of 2018 and had developed an oral tumor that made it difficult for her to swallow. She underwent surgery. That bought us some additional quality time with her. The surgery wasn't radical, so we knew the tumor would return....and it did.

When Trixie was about four years old, she was poisoned by a tainted rawhide chew bone. Dr. Donnie Headrick at Williamson County Animal Hospital worked with her for a week and she pulled through. All these years later, it was Dr. Headrick and the team at Williamson County that came through for Trixie and for us yet again.


Trixie got her wings at home on 11/6/2018. Her brother, Norton, was nearby. It was a beautiful, peaceful, sunny day. Dr. Headrick and Tara were here for us. Yesterday, we received the most beautiful card from Becca, Tara and Dr. Headrick, along with Trixie's paw print. It was the most touching and kind gesture. We plan to frame the print along with a collage of photos and keep it always.

We're so grateful for the teams at Williamson County Animal Hospital and Franklin Kennels. The care they provide, their good works and genuinely caring hearts impact many lives. Thank you for being there for us for almost twenty years now. We know you're ready to retire, Dr. Headrick, but we're not ready yet!

In appreciation,

The Ferris Family

Trixie December 2005-November 2018


Sweet GG


GG was an abbreviation for Good Girl or Gentle Giant.

Both are the best descriptions for our beloved pet. She filled an empty spot we had in our house and hearts and we miss her so much.

We miss her beautiful face and her lumbering legs and clumsiness. We had GG in our family for only 4 months until she got sick and we found out about her congenital condition. It was one of the hardest things we have had to decide what to do. Everyone at WCAH helped us and supported us and helped guide us through the tough decision to have her leave us.

We miss her.

GG July 2017- October 2018



The time has come, my sweet Sam
That is, until we shall meet again.
Your love and loyalty meant the world to me
So much, that everyone could see.
You made me smile everyday
And the joy you brought me will never go away.
I will miss our car rides and long walks
But most of all, I will miss our talks.
My heart is broken, my sweet Sam
But only until we shall meet again.


Rescued: 8-18-06
Went to Heaven: 1-17-18
Forever In My Heart

when you feel me in your heart ....JPG


Rocket "Tails" of 1 and 2.0

Dec. 16th, 2002: A beagle from the Williamson County Animal Shelter, the staff already named Rocket, was adopted. For 12.5 years he was part of the family and entertained us all with his adventures. Rocket was more than a dog, he was family, a friend and companion. Rocket became a visitation and registered Therapy service animal and brought smiles to so many. His charm, personality and smile won the hearts of anyone that met him. From hiking, jet ski and car rides, to sitting at the table for 4th of July picnics, you might think he was almost human. 

June 29th, 2015: Not feeling well, surgery was required and my loving Rocket lost an unknown battle to cancer and I made the decision to let him stay asleep. I can't thank Williamson County Animal Hospital enough. Dr. Shaun Reynolds, Dr. Michael Rader, Karen, Becca, and Tara and the rest for the LOVING & QUALITY staff cared for Rocket for 12.5 years. Littlest Angels offered comfort during post care. I later received a LETTER OF RECOGNITION from University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine - Office of Dean James P. Thompson honoring Rocket thanks to WCAH.

Christmas 2015: The 1st ever tree in my house “The ROCKET TREE" adorned with his squeak toys instead of some generic plastic ornaments topped with his collar and tags was erected.

A true emptiness was felt but encouragement from Dr. Shaun during a friendly visit June 29th, 2016 about rescue programs… “When the time was right you'll know …”

June 29th, 2017: The 2 year anniversary of losing Rocket, I surfed the same shelter and the 1st dog I see…a little beagle about 2 years old. He had already (again) been named “Rocket” by the shelter.


"Ring Ring" went my office phone and what I heard next was "he's adorable, do you want him? We close at 6 get here NOW!  He was just put up for adoption today.”

One of the kindest acts someone ever did was put him up for adoption, and with Juan giving me the push, God giving me the signs, and his wet nose in my lap, I could not say no...

Now referred to as Rocket 2.0, he was found as a stray, came home, and strangely enough he is exhibiting similar characteristics as Rocket 1 did ....and the stories begin

... or does the ROCKET story continue?!

The same shelter, the same breed, the same name given by the Williamson Co Animal Shelter all on the 2 year anniversary of losing my Rocket I found my Rocket.

My thoughts were: " Baily Baily Baily /Boss Dog" ( A Dogs Purpose)...who knows…



My beloved yorkie Vida was my best friend and loving companion from April of 2004 till June 2016 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss her everyday but know I will see her again someday. She brought love and fun and joy into my life everyday and I still feel her in my heart.

Thank you and I will always love you sweet Vida ️ <3


I spent the last 14 years loving, adoring, and needing this sweet boy of mine. I grew up with him and he watched me become a bratty teenager, a mother, and many more. I thought my heart would know how to prepare itself for goodbye. But the truth is, goodbye is the hardest part. I miss your tail wagging when I would walk through the door. I miss the way your head would fall into my lap when you just knew I was sad. Thor, you were the most loving, smartest, and sweetest dog I have ever had and my heart will forever ache for you. You were my best friend for 14 years and your loss will take a lifetime to recover from. I know you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I can't wait to see you again one day! 


We are very grateful for the loving care that you provided for Tiny. When it came time to say goodbye, Dr. Rader and the staff were very compassionate. Tiny made a great impact on our lives, and with your contribution she is continuing to make a difference. Again, thank you so very much.

Ross and Kelly